Your Information, When You Need It
They’re YOUR records-- access them whenever and however you want! Just log in for instant, secure online access, contact us to request same-day delivery, or stop by for in-person pickup.
Secure Storage Made Simple
True end-to-end security in record handling, record storage and record destruction is simple when you have the systems, staff and protocols already in place, and know the right industry-specific best practices to apply.
Automate Your Shredding
Put your shredding on auto-pilot-- just tell us when to come, and consider it done! We’ll pick up your ready-to-shred records on your schedule, destroy them and issue a Certificate of Destruction.
Online Access & Management
Access your records and manage your account online 24/7. Search files, list inventory, place orders, request supplies, and control access all via our always-available secure online portal. Easy!
Enjoy Paperless Productivity
How can your records be perfectly preserved for posterity, and easy to access and share, while substantially reducing your printing and supply costs? We’ll show you how - It’s good for the planet, and good for your business!
Better Tracking with Bar-Coding
We use the latest technology, including bar-coding and scanning, to enable you to find any record, anywhere, any time. You’ll never have to hunt for another record again!