Shred collection container form scheduled shreddingRecords Management done right is never a “catch-as-catch-can” affair—it requires that you develop a sound records policy and apply it systematically, over time. Records need to be rotated into storage and out of storage for destruction at regular intervals to keep storage costs and liability for security breach to a minimum.

Gateway Records Management offers scheduled shred services to help our customers more effectively manage their records and their time. We’ll help you determine the right frequency for your individual shredding needs, and then we’ll take care of securely shredding your records on that schedule. After we’re done, we’ll issue a Certificate of Destruction that will satisfy your compliance reporting requirements.

Using our scheduled shred services will not only keep your storage costs to a minimum because you won’t be paying for storage you don’t need—it will also help minimize your liability for breach of confidentiality, because information can’t be exposed if the records no longer exist. It also helps increase awareness among your staff of the ongoing need for vigilance where records security is concerned – and a regularly-scheduled shred is almost like a periodic “refresher course” that reminds them of the need to be careful.

To achieve ongoing compliance at minimal expense, please contact us today to learn more about how our scheduled shred services will help you get and stay compliant with less effort and disruption than any other approach!