Shred collection bin for one time shred projectsFor new customers just getting started with shredding and those just beginning to implement a Records Management policy, Gateway Records Management will also handle your shred projects as a one-time purge.  We prefer for your sake that you schedule shredding at regular intervals, but if you haven’t, we’re happy to help you get started with a clean slate.

We’ll shred everything you have that needs to go, quickly and securely, so the visit for your shredding project is “just one and done.” One visit, one day, one week or one month—whatever it takes, we’ll keep going until every single record that needs to go has been completely and securely destroyed. And then we’ll leave you with wide open space and a Certificate of Destruction that will satisfy your compliance reporting requirements.

A one-time shred project could be small (from a few records to a few boxes), or it could be big (from a few file cabinets to a few rooms full of records or more). Whatever the size of your project, there’s no better feeling than knowing those records that have been in your way for what seems like forever are just gone. For good.

When you’re finally ready to move those records out of your life and into history, please contact us to schedule your one-time shred project. It will be our pleasure to help you free up the space in your office and if you need we can implement a scheduled shredding service to keep you compliant in document destruction.