Mobile Shred Truck with Onsite Collection BinSometimes, because of logistical or time constraints having us pick up your records for destruction might not be a good option because it’s either not feasible or not convenient for you or you might require that your records be Shred On Site. In those cases, we’ll bring the shredding facility to you.

We’ll drive our highly secure state-of-the-art, high-speed industrial-strength mobile shredders to your location, and then take care of shredding your records securely and completely wherever they are. It’s just that simple. We’ll even get them from your offices to our truck – you don’t have to so much as lift a finger or move a box. Just tell us which records need to go, and we’ll take care of the rest, right then and there.

Mobile Shred Truck Lifting Onsite Collection BinThis is just our way of giving our customers yet another way to take care of their shredding needs as easily as possible, with minimal disruption to regular operations. It’s important to us that you shred your records, for your own protection—how we make it happen is entirely up to you.

If you need us to bring the shredding facility to you, please contact us today to schedule mobile on-site shredding for your business. It has never been easier to shred your unneeded records!