Green Process

Our shred material is bailed and recycled into paper.

At Gateway Records Management, doing what’s right with your records is also doing what’s right for the environment, and we’re happy to help you take strides in the right direction on both fronts!

The movement toward “paperless” offices is growing, and we fully support that change – we even created our own Go Green Records Management initiative in 2011, to help our customers positively impact the environment by converting to digital records with online access. That one simple change makes for better records security and access control, and also helps reduce the deforestation required to create so much paper for paper records.

We offer the following services in support of our Go Green initiative:

  • A full menu of scanning services, available on your schedule, to convert your paper records to easy-to-share digital files
  • Our RSWeb portal for secure, online records access and complex document process management for all aspects of your business
  • Recycling of shredded records once the information they contain has been completely destroyed, so the environment benefits and you are still protected from breaches of confidentiality

Recycled paper after shredding

Shredded Paper in back of shred truck

We are committed to helping our customers transition to a fully-paperless office while optimizing work process efficiency and records management value. Please contact us today and ask how we can help your firm Go Green and help the environment while also saving time and enhancing your records security and compliance efforts!