Paper Scanning ServicesDigital scanning of vital records is a great way to ensure your critical information will be preserved even if the paper or film they are printed on degrades or is destroyed. Most companies today have either already made the leap to digital storage, or are in the process of migrating to it for their archived records. The benefits of scanned records are that they are easier to share and distribute and the information is preserved as it appeared on the day it was scanned.

The process of converting from paper to digital records can be done at one time or incrementally. Rather than undertaking conversion of boxes and boxes of paper files all at once, many companies instead opt to convert files when they are sent to be added to storage, knowing that eventually, all of their files will be digitally preserved.

Gateway Records Management offers whatever scanning services you decide you need—we can scan individual or batched files as requested, we can scan records as you send them for storage, or we can take on larger scan projects in which a year’s worth of records or your entire inventory is converted to digital files. We have rapid-scan capability, and we also have large- or wide-format scanning for blueprints, plans and other oversized records.

When you’re ready to go digital with your archived records, or if you need paper files converted to digital for easy distribution, please contact us to learn more about our many scan services! We’ll be happy to recommend the best option for your particular needs.