Gateway Truck Delivering Retrieved FilesAt a Gateway Records Management, it’s a fact of life that records come in, and records go out. Often. We’re used to it. We have a cataloguing and indexing system that uses computerized bar-coding to track your records’ location at any given moment, and we ensure end-to-end security with no vulnerability to breach of confidentiality.

For us, facilitating a quick, efficient and completely secure transfer of your records in and out of our facility is just as important as storing them—it’s a core part of the service we provide. We know you need your information fast. And you need to know that when you ask, the records you need will be delivered promptly and in perfect condition. So that’s what we do, each and every time you ask.

We never forget that they’re your records—your requests are never an inconvenience or lesser priority for us.
Please contact us today to learn more about our cataloguing and indexing system that tracks your records’ every move, our end-to-end security processes, and our guaranteed same-day delivery!