records storage facility in Medina OHStoring records properly involves more than just stacking boxes. At Gateway Records Management, we know that doing it right means you do every step right. Your records need to be:

Properly secured in appropriate protective containers
Storage containers are not all the same. Cardboard boxes should be reinforced so they maintain their integrity, and depending on the type and volume of records, may not be recommended for your particular situation. After selecting the right container, records must be packed correctly in them to avoid damage, and they need to be properly organized within the containers for easy retrievability and re-filing.

Properly organized and catalogued for easy location and retrieval
Just as individual records need to be organized within their containers, the containers also need to be organized and their locations mapped accurately and consistently to ensure every individual record is easy to quickly and reliably find. Clear labeling, consistent documentation and a system that is followed each and every time records are added or removed, by everyone who adds or removes them, is essential.

To complete the process, Gateway Records Management stores your records containers in appropriately maintained and secured state-of-the-art facilities.

Please contact us today to learn more about how our records storage provides superior service and protection at a reasonable cost regardless of your individual requirements!