Medical Records StorageMedical Records Storage is a specialized area that presents a number of unique records management challenges. Because of the highly confidential, personal information medical records contain, the applicable standards for their security, storage and destruction exceed those of any other kind of records, and rightfully so. Not surprisingly (and for the same reason), the penalties for NOT handling medical records properly are also higher than for any other kind, and can be financially devastating in case of a breach.

If you’re storing medical records, you need help from a specialist like Gateway Records Management to make sure you get it right, for your patients’ sake, and to ensure your practice or institution’s survival. You need someone handling your records that understands exactly what HIPAA requires, someone that already has the procedures in place and the knowledgeable staff to make sure you are compliant, because the cost of noncompliance could financially ruin you.

Gateway Records Management guarantees its compliance with all HIPAA requirements for all of its customers. With such high stakes, shouldn’t your records storage provider do the same?
Please contact us today to find out more information about our extensive HIPAA compliance knowledge, and what you need to be doing to protect yourself and your patients!