Computer backup tapes for data recoveryMany records today are stored not as physical paper files, but on digital media—the technology condenses massive amounts of information onto small, easily storable backup tapes, CDs or DVDs, external hard drives or even thumb drives. The use of digital media for data storage brings lots of benefits, but also raises new areas of concern when it comes to maintaining data quality and integrity over the long term.

All types of storage media, including paper files, have advantages and disadvantages—the perfect medium that will store data forever and is not subject to damage or degradation has not yet been created. Until it is, you need to make sure your Records Storage provider is an expert in maximizing the shelf-life of your digitally-stored records.

Just like paper files, digital media can be physically damaged by extreme temperatures, humidity, scratches and degradation, and risks are medium-specific – the expected life and vulnerabilities of backup tapes are very different from DVDs, which in turn are very different from external hard drives. Digital media is reusable, but not forever—it needs to be properly rotated and data backed up to ensure it will survive catastrophic media failure.

Gateway Records Management knows the ins and outs of all digital media storage, and has a system that ensures proper digital media rotation and secure storage.

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