Blueprint and drawing storage Sometimes the biggest challenge in storing records is their physical shape—blueprints and other large-format documents don’t fit neatly into typical storage configurations, and folding or rolling them permanently damages the records. Specialized storage drawers are bulky and awkward in many room configurations, and they take up a great deal of space between storage and clearance required to access the records. Tucking them away in a corner of your office is not always possible, and office space is expensive.

Gateway Records Management has ample specialized storage space specifically set up to accommodate blueprints and other large- or wide-format records, so you can move these space hogs out of your office and into our facility instead. We’ll bring them to you any day you want (same-day delivery guaranteed), so they’ll be just as available to you—the only difference is they’ll be stored carefully to maximize their life, and you’ll be set to maximize your office space.

Please contact us today to learn more about our blueprint and large-format document storage options– whether they’re plans, surveys, drawings, blueprints, maps, schematics or diagrams, we’ve got a way to store them.