Active file management worker at GatewayThere are some records a business must keep and store, but which they only need to access every once in a while. These records don’t necessarily need to be stored on-site, as long as they are available quickly and reliably when they are needed. They are typically a small subset of more recent records that require more active management than more archival records that are over 5 years old.

Gateway Records Management knows better than anyone how to handle the higher level of use and increased attention to security and tracking that active file storage requires. We have specialized processes that use computerized bar-coding to make sure we have the same pinpoint control over active file storage, with its more frequent activity, as we do over its less-active archival storage counterpart.

And your records are available the same day upon request—all you have to do is ask. With Gateway Records Management, your records may be stored elsewhere, but they are as good as there when you need them. It’s the best of both worlds – less on-site storage, same availability, and we do the organizing and tracking for you. We can probably find your records faster than you can, compared to when someone in your office has them but you have no idea whom.

Please contact us today to learn more about how our active file storage will actually save you time searching, free up clutter and office space, and provide a much better level of trackability and full accountability for your records’ locations!