Scanning stored archives at Gateway Records ManagementYour records are vital to your business, and you need to know they are preserved, protected, easy to get to whenever you need them, and easy to put away when you’re done.

Gateway Records Management provides the full range of records services, from storage to retrieval to re-filing to retention, for everything from paper medical records to blueprints to digital media. We work hard to ensure everything related to your records is taken care of according to your individual specifications, up to and including data backups and media rotation. Perhaps the biggest benefit to working with us is the peace of mind that comes from knowing your records are being handled right – we guarantee HIPAA and FACTA compliance.

Gateway Records Storage BoxOur systems and procedures, developed over years of specialized records services experience, ensure the information you need is quickly available, well-organized, protected and kept only as long as you need it to be. We’ve developed best practices that keep track of everything for you, so you can worry about running your business, not finding and storing your records.

Please contact us today to learn more about our full menu of records services options – we’ll be glad to answer all of your questions about what you need and how we can deliver for you!