Manufacturing Services by Gateway Records ManagementManufacturers often use proprietary (or even patented) systems, processes or parts in the course of ordinary business that must be kept strictly confidential for the business to succeed. Architectural drawings, new product plans, research and development information, engineering surveys, internal testing and compliance data and other proprietary information related to suppliers and the manufacturing process must be strictly protected.

Many manufacturers unfortunately don’t have the same rigorous processes for records security in place as their legal or medical counterparts, but keeping that information confidential is just as important, only for different reasons—it’s often a matter of achieving or maintaining competitive advantage instead of something required by regulation, though in many cases both reasons apply.

That’s why consulting with a Records Management specialist like Gateway Records Management is not just desirable, but essential for a growing manufacturing business. Whether you’re manufacturing the next great thing, or a tried and true standard, without keeping your internal company information private, you won’t have a hope of succeeding for long. Someone else would love to have your insider information—don’t give them any opportunity to steal your thunder!

Please contact us today to learn more about how we help to keep your industrial secrets secret throughout your records’ life span!