Healthcare Services by Gateway Records ManagementIn 1996, Congress passed HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) and then-President Clinton signed it into law, dramatically changing the way personal health information is handled, including both paper records and electronic health information. Among other things, HIPAA established mandatory administrative, physical and technical safeguards that must be implemented to ensure patient privacy.

Under HIPAA, personal health information that can be linked to one particular individual is some of the most stringently protected of all information out there. Medical practitioners, offices, facilities, allied healthcare providers and insurers who handle sensitive information are held to extremely high standards of protection, and breaches carry steep penalties. That’s why you need an expert to handle your health-related records.

Gateway Records Management knows exactly how records with personal health information need to be secured, stored and, when the time is right, destroyed— all of our services are guaranteed HIPAA-compliant, including storage, scanning and shredding. And all records destruction is documented with a Certificate of Destruction that satisfies your compliance requirements.

Don’t trust your health-related records to someone who isn’t prepared to handle all of the responsibility that comes with them—you’re liable for their failures if you don’t choose wisely. Please contact us today to learn more about our expertise with medical records management and see what we recommend you do to get and stay HIPAA-compliant!

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