Even though security means the same thing no matter what industry you’re in, how stringent your investment in it needs to be varies a lot from one industry to another. The general rule is that the more personal the information your records contain, the higher your duty is to keep it confidential. And that duty includes:

  • setting up systems that others can’t exploit
  • properly training your staff to ensure things are done right
  • confirming your 3rd-party vendors also comply

Compliance is different from security—compliance is entirely driven by the law, and it’s the regulations written to implement the law that dictate what you have to do and how. Unfortunately, sometimes understanding the regulations is harder than understanding the law itself. That’s one reason it’s best to work with a Records Management provider like Gateway Records Management that understands the language of compliance.

Also, because industries are regulated separately, compliance requirements vary widely from industry to industry—what’s entirely routine in one may be completely unacceptable in another. So you need a Records Management provider with a proven track record of compliance success in your particular industry, not just with compliance in general.

Gateway Records Management specializes in Records Management—it’s all we do! We routinely work with customers in the following areas and ensure they are compliant, guaranteed:

We also have successfully served customers in other sectors – please contact us today to learn more about our experience with and recommendations for your particular industry!