For you to entrust your document storage with us, we need to demonstrate 100% accuracy in the locating and access of your records. That’s why we invest in the most up to date software, technology and mobile scanners from O’Neil Software, the world’s foremost offsite records storage management system.

Simply the best data retrieval system we could find to support our clients, O’Neil software offers industry leading benefits: wireless communications for mobile, internet and point-to-point tracking.

You can manage and track any of your assets by web, phone or email. O’Neil database management software can be customized to reflect your exact requirements to integrate into your business and culture.

Our software system enables:

  • full tracking · the ability to add new boxes and files live onto the system from your desk
  • comprehensive management reporting
  • control of your assets

Every item we manage is bar-coded, tracked and traced through its lifecycle. Traceable by you 24/7 through our secure online web portal. Gateway Records only uses the latest scanning technology with cellular communication, allowing immediate uploading of data and tracking in real time.

Here is a brief video to show the web interface used by our clients.